2. Setup Apple Classroom

Setup Apple Classroom

ESP (   iOS) Setup Apple Classroom

Setup Apple Classroom

  1. Set Teacher Device
    1. Login ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin )
    2. Set Teacher DeviceSelect iPad platform
    3. Go to Device  > Select All
    4. Find your “Teacher Device” > Click Action > Special Tag > Set Teacher Device
    5. TeacherPadRestart the eSchoolPad app on the teacher iPad 
    6. Instead of seeing the original eSchoolPad class selection page, you should now see the eSchoolPad teacher login page

  2. Install Apple Classroom
    1. Login with eSchoolPad Teacher/Admin account. The new teacher landing page will be shown. 
    2. Install TeacherPad/ClassroomPlease feel free to install Classroom and/or TeacherPad by pressing Install button.
    3. Wait and confirm the installation completed until the Install button change to Open button
    4. Select Class LabelSelect the target Class Label under Preset Class or Floating Class you would like to manage. Press the Classroom Open button
    5. ClassroomClassroom app will be opened and you are now able to use Classroom app to manage your class

      * Please note that teacher and students devices should have bluetooth turn on and connected to the same Wi-Fi

  3. Done

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