1. Things to Prepare

Things to Prepare (Android)

ESP (   Android) Complete Setup

Things to Prepare

Thanks for subscribing eSchoolPad.

* You should have already received the account creation email with login credential already. If not, please contact us.

For making the setup smooth, please prepare the following in advance.

  1. At least 3 units of Tablets with Android system 4.0.3 or above
  2. PC browser with internet connectivity
  3. School Wi-Fi SSID and password
  4. Make sure Google Play services is updated on all tablets
  5. Tablet naming arrangement (e.g. Tablet 01)
  6. App grouping (e.g. subjects) and device grouping (e.g. classes)
  7. The required app list and restriction (e.g. disable appstore, carmera etc…) for every Tablets


Optional items:

If you have a lot of devices to setup, we recommend you setting up a Wi-Fi network with no password authentication for giving each Tablet Wi-Fi an Internet connection quickly.


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