1. Things to Prepare

Things to Prepare

ESP (   iOS) Non-DEP Users Setup with Apple Configurator 2

Things to Prepare

Thanks for subscribing eSchoolPad.

* You should have already received the account creation email with login credential already. If not, please contact us.

** If you have already registered Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), please refer to our latest    ESP Complete Setup


For making the setup smooth, please prepare the following in advance.

  1. For non-DEP setup, you need to install the latest Apple Configurator on a Mac with the latest MacOS installed
  2. USB cable for connecting iPads to Mac
  3. PC/Mac browser with internet connectivity
  4. School owned Apple ID for each iPads
  5. iPad 2 or above
  6. Settings > iCloud > Turn OFF "Find My iPad"   
  7. School Wi-Fi SSID and password
  8. Suggested buying all the required apps (include free apps) at "https://volume.itunes.apple.com/hk/store" in advance
  9. iPad naming arrangement
  10. App grouping (eg. subjects) and device grouping (eg. classes)
  11. The required app list and restriction (e.g. disable appstore, carmera etc…) for every iPads
  12. Suggested a csv file with iPad SN, iPad name and grouping (see attached csv file)
  13. Suggested to decide the home screen layout (eg. app folders) arrangement


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