3. Setup Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Setup VPP

ESP (   iOS) Non-DEP Users Setup with Apple Configurator 2

Setup Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

(Implementation for iPad and MAC)

* Please skip this section if you don’t have an VPP account from Apple

eSchoolPad solution is now compatible with Apple VPP for both iPad and Mac. Please follow the steps below to complete the implementation.

* DEP is suggested before the VPP implementation, for more information about DEP, please reference "Apple DEP Implementation Guide".

  1. Download VPP Token
    1. Sign In Apple Volume Purchase Programme ( https://volume.itunes.apple.com/us/store )
    2. VPP_03Choose Account Summary   from pull-down menu on the top left
    3. Click "Download Token" to download *VPP token (*.vpptoken)
      * For later upload to ESP Admin Console

  2. ESP Admin Console | VPP Setup
    1. VPP_SetupLogin ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin )
    2. Click   VPP
    3. Provide the "VPP Apple ID"
    4. Upload the *VPP token (once only)
    5. Click   Create VPP Account to process
    6. VPP account has been set up successfully

  3. Done


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