6. Supervision


ESP (   iOS) Non-DEP Users Setup with Apple Configurator 2

Supervision (non-supervised iPad only)

This step is used to prepare the supervision, including WiFi profile and School Information.


  1. Setup an MDM Server
    1. Open "Apple Configurator 2"  nondep_b_prepare  on Mac Machine
    2. Choose the devices > Click  Prepare 
    3. Choose configuration by  "Manual" > Click Next
    4. Choose  "Add New Server" > Click Next
    5. Enter the Name with  "eSchoolPad MDM" and Enrollment URL
      1. Enrollment URL can be found in Admin Console:
        1. Login ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin )
        2. Select iPad platform, click   Settings > School Info > Apple Configurator 2 (Enrollment URL)
    6. Select  eschoolpad.net as anchor certificate > Click   Next

  2. Supervise Devices
    1. Check "    Supervise devices"
    2. Check "    Allow devices to pair with other computers"
    3. Click   Next

  3. Organization Info
    1. Enter "School Name" and other informations
    2. Press Next to confirm
    3. Choose "    Generate a new supervision identity" > Click   Next

  4. Configure iOS Setup Assistant
    1. Choose the steps will be presented to the user in Setup Assistant
    2. Click Prepare to finish all the prepare iOS Device process
    3. This step may take a while, please wait for the process to finish

  5. Done

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