6. Generate New Registration Code

Generate New Registration Code

Parent MDM Setup for Admin

Generate New Registration Code

The device registration code can always be used to let any mobile phone to take control of the student device. In case the device registration code is leaked unexpectedly. It is possible for the IT admin to generate a new registration code to the parent so that disable anyone with the old code to take control of the student device.

  1. Login ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin )
  2. Select iPad / Mac platform, click Device > BYOD
  3. Generate New Device CodeSelect the target device, press Actions >   Generate New Device Code
  4. Check your new registration Code Device > BYOD
  5. New Device CodeYou can find the device registration code, the last column of the record changed.
  6. You can provide this new code to the parent for pairing again

  7. Done

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