Category: ESP (iOS) 安裝 Apple Classroom

3. 附錄

Appendix ESP (   iOS) Setup Apple Classroom Appendix Although Classroom is supported by eSchoolPad, you are still free to use TeacherPad to manage your class. Since neither Classroom nor TeacherPad is completely better than the other, eSchoolPad supports teachers to switch between Classroom and TeacherPad at the landing page easily. Here is a comparison…
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2. 安裝 Apple Classroom

Setup Apple Classroom ESP (   iOS) Setup Apple Classroom Setup Apple Classroom Set Teacher Device Login ESP Admin Console ( ) Select iPad platform Go to Device  > Select All Find your “Teacher Device” > Click Action > Special Tag > Set Teacher Device Restart the eSchoolPad app on the teacher iPad  Instead of…
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1. Things to Prepare

Things to Prepare ESP (   iOS) Setup Apple Classroom Things to Prepare Thanks for subscribing eSchoolPad. Please make sure the following are ready. * You should have already received the account creation email with login credential already. If not, please contact us.   For making the setup smooth, please prepare the following in advance.…
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