3. Register MDM Server (DEP)

Setup DEP

ESP (   iOS) Complete Setup

Register MDM Server (ASM/DEP)

(Implementation for iPad and MAC)

eSchoolPad solution is now compatible with Apple DEP for both iPad and Mac. Please follow the steps below to complete the implementation.

  1. Download ESP Public Key
    1. [   DOWNLOAD ] "ESP public key" – General User
    2. [   DOWNLOAD ] "ESP public key"* Taiwan Only

  2.   Apple School Manager  or    Apple Deploy Portal

    1. Apple School Manager
      1. Setup MDM Server
        1. Apple School Manager Login Sign in https://school.apple.com/
        2. Select MDM Servers in the sidebar
        3. Click Add MDM Server
        4. Add MDM ServerEnter "eSchoolPad MDM" for the "Name of the server"
        5. Upload the public key certificate file   Upload file…  "ESP Public Key"
        6. In the window that appears, click Your Server Token to  Download the token

          * Save the Server Token for later upload to ESP Admin Console

        7. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_06Save MDM Server
        8. The "New MDM Server" has been successfully created
      2. Assign Devices
        1. Assign Devices Select Device Assignments in the sidebar
        2. Choose the method for device assignment:
          Serial Number  /   Order Number  /   CSV File
        3. Choose Assign to Server > Select eSchoolPad MDM
        4. Click OK to confirm


      Jump to    ESP Admin Console | DEP Setup

    1. Apple Deploy Portal | Setup DEP for ESP
      1. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_01Sign In http://deploy.apple.com
      2. Select Manage Servers
      3. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_02Click Add MDM Server
      4. Enter "eSchoolPad MDM" as "New MDM server"
      5. check "Automatically Assgin New Device"
      6. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_03Upload the "ESP Public Key" to Apple > Next
      7. Wait for Your Server Token to ready for download…
      8. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_04When Your Server Token is ready > Click Done


      9. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_05Click Download Now to download the "Server Token"

        * For later upload to ESP Admin Console


      10. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageServer_CreateMDMServer_06The "New MDM Server" has been successfully created
      11. Assign Devices
        1. DEP_DeployPortal_ManageDevices_01Select Manage Devices
        2. Choose Devices By:
          Assign the devices you want to manage in MDM server, by enter the device’s  
          Serial Number  /   Order Number  /   CSV File
        3. Choose Action:
          Select Assign to Server  > Select eSchoolPad MDM 
        4. Click OK to confirm

      Jump to    ESP Admin Console | DEP Setup

  3. ESP Admin Console | DEP Setup
    1. esp_admin_DEPSetup_01

    2. Login ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin )
    3. Select iPad / Mac platform, click DEP > DEP Setup
    4. Upload the "Server Token" (e.g. *_smime.p7m)
    5. esp_admin_DEPSetup_02Configure your DEP options > Click Save DEP Settings

    7. Go to DEP > DEP Devices
      • esp_admin_DEP_Device_01All devices’ "Profile Status" will change from "empty" to "assigned" and "Profile UUID" will show up
      • Once the profile is pushed to the devices, the "Profile Status" will changed to "pushed"

      Profile Status:
      empty– no profile assigned yet
      assigned – device has been assigned DEP profile but not yet configurated
      pushed – device has been DEP configurated

  4. Done

3. Register MDM Server (DEP)