2. Supervision


ESP (   iOS) Non-DEP Users Setup with Apple Configurator 1

Supervision (non-supervised iPad only)

This step is used to prepare the supervision, including WiFi profile and School Information.

* If iPad has been supervised previously, please go to Step 3 directly. Start the iPad when it is still on “Hello World” screen.


  1. Setup School Profile
    1. Go to "Apple Configurator"  nondep_b_prepare  on Mac Machine
    2. PreferencesClick  Apple Configurator  on top left of menu bar > Select  Preferences… 
    3. Uncheck  "    Automatically Refresh"
    4. Uncheck optionsUncheck  "    Remove apps and profiles Configurator did not install"
    5. Select  Prepare  nondep_b_prepare > Settings
    6. SupervisionProvide "iPad Name Conversion" e.g. “iPad1”
    7. Switch "Supervision" button to ON
    8. Check  "    Number sequentially starting at 1"
      * Please note if adding iPad to the existing group, no need to check this option

  2. Organization Info
    1. Organization Info...Click Organizatino Info…
    2. Enter "School Name" and other informations
    3. Press Done to confirm

  3. Create New ProfileCreate Wi-Fi Profile
    1. Click    at the bottom to create new profile
    2. In "General" > Provide "Profile name" > Click Save
    3. General > Profile NameSelect "Wi-Fi" > Provide "SSID" and "Password"
    4. Select "WPA/WPA2 Personal"
    5. Set Wi-FiClick Save
    6. Click Prepare

  4. Put Wi-Fi Profile onto iPad
    1. Make sure iPad is connected to the Mac Machine
      * Make sure a superscript number appears and this indicates an iPad is connected
    2. Update iOSClick "Prepare"   nondep_b_prepare  at the Apple Configurator window
    3. iPad will start reload process and update the latest iOS if applicable

  5. Verification of Successful Supervision
    1. New ProfilesGo to iPad’s Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
    2. 2 new profiles (WiFi and Configuration Trust) exist

  6. Done

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