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ESP Full Setup  


eSchoolPad Full Setup tutorials for users easier to handle the whole process.

ESP Setup Apple Classroom  


Apple has released iOS 9.3 and we are proud to announce that eSchoolPad supports its features right now!



As a eSchoolPad administrator, you use the eSchoolPad Admin console to manage your MDM account and master the eSchoolPad, Admin Console and TeacherPad

  Admin User Manuals –

1. ESP (iOS) Full Setup
2. ESP (iOS) Non-DEP Setup with Apple Configurator 1
3. ESP (iOS) Non-DEP Setup with Apple Configurator 2
4. ESP (Mac OS) Full Setup
5. ESP (Android) Full Setup
6. ESP (iOS) Setup Apple Classroom
7. Parent MDM Setup for Admin

  Video Tutorials –

Tutorial 1. Introduction
Tutorial 2. Find Help
Tutorial 3. Create and Manage User
Tutorial 4. Create Label and Set Device
Tutorial 5. App Installation
Tutorial 6. Profile Installation
Tutorial 7. BYOD Setting
Tutorial 8. Set School Info



What is TeacherPad?

TeacherPad is a mobile device management service solution specific for classroom environment. It is a service designed for primary and secondary schools to manage mobile devices.

Download and Install TeacherPad

icon_AppStore   icon_GooglePlay
  TeacherPad User Manuals –

  Video Tutorials –

Tutorial 1. Introduction
Tutorial 2. Get Started
Tutorial 3. Device Command
Tutorial 4. Single App Lock
Tutorial 5. Note
Tutorial 6. Blackscreen
Tutorial 7. Dismiss
Tutorial 8. Multi-App Lock
Tutorial 9. Small Group
Tutorial 10. Message



What is Parent MDM?

Parent MDM is a simplfied Mommy.Daddy, it helps parents to take control of the Avrio MDM devices at home. Any devices installed with eSchoolPad, HKTE MDM and eClass MDM can enjoy this service if the schools subscribed the parent control services. With Parent MDM, parents can manage all the apps in kid’s device which can assists parents to foster kids with good behavior and balanced school-leisure time.

Download and Install Parent MDM

icon_AppStore   icon_GooglePlay
  Parent MDM User Manuals –



It’s almost time to say goodbye to Mommy・Daddy

On September 1st, we’d officially shut down all the support to Mommy・Daddy, and some of the features will stop working.

As heartbreaking as this sounds, we’re hard at work bringing the magic of Mommy・Daddy to the Parent MDM app, with all your most loved features – MDM, Show/Hide Apps, Time Lock, Location. We’re confident you’ll be able to find our special touch there too.

Whether you decide to upgrade to Parent MDM or not, we couldn’t go without first saying a massive THANK YOU. You’ve been with us all the way and Mommy・Daddy wouldn’t have been great without all of you supporting us, sending us feedback, encourging us to fix bugs and sharing the app with your friends.

Today, we’re taking on a new challenge, helping even more people be more easy and smart to manage their kids’ devices. We hope you’ll be there with us too.

With Love,

Mommy・Daddy support team