ESP is the best Mobile Device Management (MDM) product for schools and parents. ESP combines mobile device solutions, learning management solutions, mobile application management (MAM) and parent app into a single unique platform. ESP is also an innovative solution that enables schools to embrace mobile and cloud solutions to drive eLearning efficiency and student growth.

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In just a few taps, all students’ devices are restricted to designated app(s) during the class.


Parent MDM is tailer-made for busy parents to manage their kid’s devices.


ESP provide 100% supports to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.


ESP Teacher

With ESP TeacherPad, teachers are able to quickly and easily monitor and control what children are doing. Distractions can be frozen or shut down remotely allowing for teaching staff to keep control of every device. Instantly lock all student devices, restrict websites, apps, the camera, and much more.

Flow of using

1. Ready your class

2. App Lock students within 
     specific application(s)
3. Inactive student devices 
     to gain attention
4. Share relevant info, 
     answer questions and 
     engage your students 
     in real time
5. Fun eLearning experience 
    increases participation, 
    boosts your reputation, 
    and retains students 

6. Class Dismissal


Whitelisted Apps

Only the Whitelisted apps will be available on student iPads. All other apps and associated notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.


The Restrictions feature can prevent the access and use of designated device functionality.

Prepared Lesson

With few taps, TeacherPad can enable the apps designated in an App Label and prevent the viewing of any other apps, reducing student distraction.


Teacher can assign student iPads to open designated whitelisted websites within the ESP browser.


Teacher can deliver instant messages to student device. Multiple file formats and voice recording are supported.


The blackscreen command will turn black the student device and student will not be able to use the device.

Device Information

Battery percentage, capacity, status, lock situation, apps for a device can be easily determined.

Much more…

ESP has many other great features and more are to come… Get a fully functional free trial today and take your teaching to a new level!

ESP Student

A broadcast receiver for students to receive the push message, files and commands from teachers. ESP also gives students restricted control over their own devices. Which both teachers and students can benefit from the interactive eLearning environment.


ESP provide 100% supports to the BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) strategy by allowing students to bring their personal devices to schools for studying purposes. The ultimate goal is “One Student One Device”.

ESP Parent

ESP uses the power of MDM to provide management controls for parents. Giving them the ability to restrict apps and device functionality. Kids can use their devices as per usual with no awkward work-arounds.

Restrict Apps

Block or grant access to internet and apps on your children’s device at any time, from anywhere.

Time Lock

Limit app access automatically for recurring activities when your child is online. Create Time Lock to control access at bedtime, school time or any time you like.


Whether you need to keep tabs on your child’s safety, find a lost device, or coordinate a pickup. Parent MDM is a tap away.


The Control feature can prevent the access and use of designated device functionality.