ESP MDM for Android Features Highlight

Recommended OS:  10 or above

Device Model: Device with Knox

  • Auto MDM Enrolment – support Knox.
  • Install & Remove Apps – support Google Play Store and EMM Managed Apps.
  • Single/Multiple App Lock
  • School App Store – predefine Apps list for download and installation
  • Apps Filtering – set whitelisting or blacklisting
  • Websites Filtering – set whitelisting or blacklisting
  • Install & Remove Profiles- set restrictions, Wifi, Web Clips
  • Blueprint – automatic settings right after MDM installed
  • Set School Policy – for school-wide settings, e.g. school time
  • Send Link – devices will be in kiosk mode with the URL
  • Send File/Photos – via ESP Student agent App on devices
  • Blackscreen – temporarily idle devices, so that teachers can draw students’ attention
  • TeacherPadPlus – it is an extension to Teachers in Classrooms
  • ParSon Parental Control Management – it is an extension to Parents after School Time

If you have something in mind or enquiry, please feel free to contact our MDM Specialist via WhatsApp 5546 6824.