Support – Admin Console (iOS)

App Management

App Management (iOS)

  1. First create a profile with web clip :
    1. Go to Profile Create New > Web Clip
    2. Provide Profile Name, and tab + New Configuration button
    3. Select Web Clip from the drop-down
    4. Provide Label, URL and Icon Image
    5. Tab Save button
  1. Then, push onto target devices :
    1. Select target group of devices in device management  Devices > Device Management
    2. Bulk Actions > Settings > Install Profiles
    3. Confirm the group of devices
For those Apple Native Apps, e.g. Garage Band, iMovie, Clips, you will need to …
  1. Manually remove from the iPad.
  2. Purchase those Apple Native Apps from Apple School Manager with your VPP Account.
  3. Sync VPP App in ESP Admin Console.
  4. Install VPP App onto iPad.

For other Apps, go to “Device” > “Device Management” > “Bulk Action” > “Apps” > “Manage Apps” > Select Device(s) > Select App(s) > “Confirm”.

School App Store is a special app label for schools to push apps onto iPad and require students to trigger the download.  This is specially good for BYOD schools where students have to download and install apps before attending classes. In Admin Console
  1. Create an App Label and set apps into the label
  2. In the “App Label” page, click “⋯ Action” next to the App Label
  3. Choose Set School App Store
  4. Select Device Label(s) and click Confirm to proceed
On iPad (by Students)
  1. Tab eSchoolPad icon
  2. A Number will appear on eSchoolPad‘s right top corner
  3. Tab eSchoolPad logo
  4. A page pops up
  5. Tab Apps at the bottom to open Apps page
  6. Tab VPP INSTALL in the ⋯ Action” column
We highly recommend you perform a regular check on Apps Update and take actions to update periodically.
Check for App Update
  1. In Admin Console, go to App > App Management
  2. Check the far right column, and note the Outdated indicator
  3. Tap Outdated icon

    and a screen pops up

  • Also, if Missing indicator is non-zero, tap Missing icon to check the devices list


Update App

  1. Tap ⋯ Action” button on the top left corner

  2. Select VPP Install All if the app was initially VPP installed, otherwise select Install All

In Admin Console, go to Devices > Device Management > Select the devices you want to push the apps to

Normal Install

  1. Go to “Device” > “Device Management”
  2. If just need to install on 1 single device, find the device row, tab … Actions button on the left
  3. Select “Apps” > “Install Apps” from the flyout menu
  4. Select the app(s) you want to install
  5. Tab “Confirm” button to proceed
  6. If you want to install on a group of devices, tab “Search” button on the top right corner
  7. Select a device label or multiple device labels, and tab “Search” button at the bottom
  8. The selected labels will be extracted in the list
  9. Tab Bulk Actions button, select “Apps” > “Install Apps” from the flyout menu
  10. Select all the devices you want, and the app(s) you want to install
  11. Tab “Confirm” button to proceed

VPP Install

Repeat the above steps, except Step 9 select “Apps” > “VPP Install” instead from the flyout menu

App label is a grouping of apps

With App labels, you can easily deploy Apps in folders upon device enrolment, and teachers can lock multiple apps in a folder

In Admin Console, go to “App” > “App Label …”

Create App Label

  1. Tab + Create New button
  2. Type a label name
  3. Select a type
    • Public” – Those apps are available to all teachers and TSSs
    • “Personal” – Those apps are for only 1 person, select a person in Belong To
    • Group” – Those apps are for a group of users, select a group in Belong To

Set Apps to App Label

  1. After creating an App Label, tap … Action button in the App Labels list
  2. Select Set Apps in the dropdown list
  3. Select the Apps you want to include
  4. Tap Confirm to save the setting

First, go to “App” > “App Management” in Admin Console.

Add from App Store

  1. Tap “+ Create New” button
  2. Tap “App Store”
  3. Input a keyword and tap “Search” button
  4. A window pops up with results
  5. Select the App you want to add

  6. Check the information which is automatically filled in
  7. Tap “Save” button to add

Add from VPP

  1. Tap “APPLE” > “VPP” > “VPP Apps” > “button
  2. Tap “Sync VPP Apps” button
  3. ESP will instantaneously contact Apple’s VPP to grab the most updated Apps list, and will have the following message appears:

    VPP Sync is in progress, please wait …..

  4. If the App is not yet listed, or if you want to purchase more license for an App, please tap “Manage VPP Apps” button. You will be diverted to Apple School Manager login page, please login and manage App Purchase in ASM.

Add Ad Hoc App

*App which is not listed in App Store
  1. Tap “+ Create New” button
  2. Tap “AdHoc App”
  3. Fill in the field and upload .ipa file ( *Maximum file size is 20MB)
  4. Tap “Save” button to add

ESP supports more than 1 VPP account. That is you can use multiple Apple ID accounts to purchase VPP Apps in ASM, provided these accounts are under 1 single school.

Please follow the steps below to add VPP Accounts :

Download Token from ASM

  1. Access with the new Apple ID
  2. Go to VPP and download token and save onto your PC/Mac machine. (the file should be with .vpptoken as an extension)

Upload Token to ESP

  1. Go to “Apple” > “VPP” > “VPP Setup”

  2. Type a new Apple ID used for purchasing VPP Apps, and tab “Browse” button

  3. Upload the .vpptoken file which you have downloaded in Step 2 above
  4. Tap “Save”
  5. The newly added VPP account will be added in VPP Accounts section above

There are 2 possibilities :

  1. Sync VPP Apps
    • Go to “Apple” > “VPP” > “VPP” Apps > tab “Sync VPP Apps” button
    • Our system will instantaneously call Apple’s VPP Server and ask for the latest update
  2. Incorrect VPP Account
    • Go to“Apple” > “VPP” > “VPP Setup”
    • Check if the account used for purchase is in the VPP Account list.  If not, please add, or use the account listed to purchase in ASM again