5. Setup Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)

Apple Push Notification Service certificate is essential to push notification to the MDM devices.

Please follow step by step to proceed:

  1. Download the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file from ESP
    DOWNLOAD NOW – avrio_mdm.csr
  2. Apple Push Certificates Portal
    1. Login to ( https://identity.apple.com/pushcert ) with your Apple ID
    2. Click Create a Certificate
    3. Accept the Terms of Use
    4. Leave Notes empty
    5. Choose File upload the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) – “avrio_mdm.csr” you have already downloaded
    6. Click Upload 
    7. Now you have successfully created a new Apple Push Certificate
    8. Click Download the certificate – MDM_Arche Solutions Company Limited_Certificate.pem
  3. Update Certificate at ESP Admin Console 
    1. Login to ESP Admin Console 
    2. Go to  Apple
    3. Provide Apple ID
    4. Upload Push Certificate by selecting the certificate you have just downloaded in Step 2 above
    5. Tap  Save   button to proceed
    6. Check and make sure the “Apple ID” and “Valid Date” are correct
  4. Done!!! You are now closed to the final setup.  Please go to “Step 6 – Setup Wi-Fi and Blueprint”