7. Reset and Activate ESP on Devices (iPad)

You are doing very well up this point.  Now you can touch your devices to finalize the setup

  1. Take out all the devices you have registered in DEP
  2. Make sure the devices are connected to the Internet
  3. If the devices are brand new, once the devices are connected to the Internet, the deployment starts automatically
  4. If the devices have been initiated and you are on the homescreen, tap Settings > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.  Tap Back Up then Erase or Erase Now
  5. WAIT until the deployment completes. Please note that it may take some time, the process will take longer if you have a lot of devices to be deployed and apps to be pushed onto the devices. Certainly, the bandwidth of your internet connectivity is a major factor as well
  6. Verification: you can go to ESP Admin Console to check if the devices have been added into your Device Management list.  Go to Device > Device Management
  7. On your devices, tap ESP icon
  8. If prompt for Location Services, please choose Always Allow
  9. If prompt for Notification, please choose Always Allow
  10. COMPLETE!!!