Add/Enroll New DEP Devices

  1. In your ASM( Apple School Management ) account, please make sure …
    1. All devices’ Serial Numbers have been added into your devices list; and
    2. All devices have been assigned to ESP MDM Server
  2. In ESP Admin Console,
    1. Update DEP devices by accessing DEP > DEP Device > Actions > Update DEP
    2. Prepare device names and upload to ESP system.  DEP > DEP Device > Actions > Update Device Name By Excel/CSV
  3. Activate the New Devices or Reset the Devices
    * Prepare an Internet Connectivity without requiring password to use
  4. Follow the instructions to activate the devices.  You should see a page with “Remote Management
  5. Wait until ESP icon is installed
  6. Tap ESP icon and allow notification and location services
  7. DONE!!