How to Show Only Specific Apps and/or Web Clips?

First, you will need to restrict showing apps and/or web clips:

  1. Go to “Profile” “+ Create New”
  2. Provide “Profile Name”
  3. Click “+ New Configuration”
  4. Select “Apps”
  5. In Whitelisted Apps, search and select app(s) you just want to show.  (Please make sure these apps have been installed onto the iPads)
  6. Click “+ New Configuration” again
  7. Select “WebClip”
  8. Provide WebClip information. (Please make sure “” has been added into Whitelisted Apps)
  9. Click “Save” or “Save & Apply” to proceed

Then, apply the profile to targeted devices:

  1. Go to “Device” > “Device Management”
  2. Click “Bulk Action” > “Settings” > “Install Profiles”
  3. Select the profile you have just created above