Why can’t see my devices in Device Management after Setup?

After you have added the new devices’ Serial Numbers and assigned to ESP MDM in your ASM, you have to go to ESP Admin Console and perform the following tasks:

  1. “Apple” > “DEP” > “DEP Device” > “Actions” > “Update DEP” (This is to ask ASM DEP for most updated information)
  2. “Apple” > “DEP” > “DEP Device” > “Actions” > “Update Device Name or Actions” > “Update Device Name by Excel / CSV”
  3. On the new iPads, now open the iPad.

    * For old ones, please REMOVE the previous management profile (if any) and Erase all contents and settings.

  4. Keep going until the ESP icon is installed on the iPad.
  5. Go to “Device” > “Device Management” > “Bulk Actions” > “Settings” > “Sync Device Name”