1. Preparation (for iOS First Time Users)

Please get the following information ready prior to the actual deployment of your devices:

  1. Create ESP Account – please take less than 1 minute to register http://www.eschoolpad.com/enroll/
  2. Apple School Manager Account
    • The PO number or iPad SN csv list from your Apple authorized reseller
    • Notify your Apple authorized reseller your 6 digits DEP customer ID and tell them you are going to use eSchoolPad
    • School owned Apple ID for APNS certificate creation
    • Apple DEP and VPP account and password with registered mobile phone in place if applicable
      • If you choose for non-DEP setup, you will need to install the latest Apple Configurator on a Mac with the latest MacOS installed.
  3. Minimum OS: iOS 9.3 or above (Ready to be wipe again)
  4. PC/Mac browser with internet connectivity
  5. School Wi-Fi SSID and password
  6. Apps to be deployed onto the devices, including both VPP or non-VPP apps.
  7. Devices naming arrangement (e.g. iPad0001, iPad0002,…)
  8. App grouping (eg. subjects) and device grouping (eg. classes) for later App Labelling and Device Labelling
  9. Restriction (e.g. disable app store, camera etc…) for every iPads
  10. Prepare a csv file with iPad Serial NumbersiPad name and grouping
  11. Define home screen layout (eg. app folders) arrangement
  12. For non-DEP setup, you need:
    • Latest Apple Configurator on a Mac with the latest MacOS installed
    • USB cable for connecting iPads to Mac
    • School owned Apple ID for each iPads
    • iPad 2 or above
    • On iPads, Settings > iCloud > Turn OFF “Find My iPad”

Something more you may need to consider:

    • Wi-Fi Network: If you have a lot of devices to set up, we recommend you set up a Wi-Fi network with no password authentication for giving each iPad Wi-Fi and Internet connection quickly.
    • Caching:  If you have a lot of apps to install, we recommend you install OSX Server and enable Cache server service.

All set?  If yes, you can now proceed to register MDM Server