2. Register ESP as Your MDM Server

First, you will need to tell Apple, ESP MDM is your MDM Server.  Please proceed the following step by step:


**For non-DEP, please skip this and go to “Step 4 – Setup VPP” directly

  1. Download ESP Public Key here
  2. Register ESP as your MDM Server in ASM
    1. Login to http://school.apple.com
    2. Select MDM Servers from the sidebar
    3. Tab  Add MDM Server
    4. Type ESP MDM as the Name of the Server
    5. Upload ESP Public Key (Downloaded in Step 1 above) in Upload file
    6. Upon a window prompts for download, please tap Download Server Token *This is essential for later setup
    7. Tap Save MDM Server
    8. The MDM Server is setup successfully
  3. Done!!!  You can now proceed to “Step 3 – Setup DEP”