3. Setup DEP

After registering ESP MDM as your MDM Server, you will need to setup your DEP in ESP Admin Console.

**For non-DEP, please skip this and go to “Step 4 – Setup VPP” directly.

Please proceed the following step by step:

  1. Setup in ESP Admin Console
    1. Login ESP Admin Console ( https://www.eschoolpad.net/admin)
    2. Select iPad / Mac platform, tap Apple > DEP > DEP Setup
    3. Upload the Server Token which was downloaded previous step (e.g. *_smime.p7m)
    4. Configure options, tap SAVE to keep the settings.
    5. Go to Apple > DEP > DEP Device
      1. All devices’ Profile Status will change from empty to assigned and Profile UUID will appear
      2. Once the profile is pushed to the devices, the Profile Status will change to pushed
        Profile Status Meaning
        empty no profile has been assigned yet
        device has been assigned DEP profile but not yet configured
        device has been DEP configured
  2. Assign Devices in ASM
    1. Select  Manage Devices
    2. Choose devices by:
      1. Assign the devices you want to manage in MDM server, by entering the device’s
        ⦿ Serial Number  / ⦿ Order Number  / ⦿ CSV File
    3. Choose Action:
      Select Assign to Server ▾  > Select ESP MDM ▾
    4. Tap OK to confirm
  3. Done!!!  You can now proceed to “Step 4 – Setup VPP”