Migrate DEP Devices from Another MDM to ESP

  1. On your iPad, please remove the previous MDM certificate.  (Please consult your previous service provider for exact steps)
  2. In your ASM account, please assign the devices to ESP MDM Server
  3. Wipe the iPad
  4. In ESP Console,
    1. Update DEP devices by accessing DEP > DEP Device > Actions > Update DEP
    2. Prepare device names and upload to ESP system.  DEP > DEP Device > Actions > Update Device Name By Excel/CSV
  5. Reset the Devices
    * Prepare an Internet Connectivity without requiring password to use
  6. Follow the instructions to activate the devices.  You should see a page with “Remote Management
  7. Wait until ESP icon is installed
  8. Tap ESP icon and allow notification and location services
  9. DONE!!