Supervise Device (without DEP)


  • Mac Machine with Apple Configurator 2 installed
  • Connection cable
  • Wifi SSID & Password
  • ESP Account created

Supervise Device

  1. Connect iPad to the Mac Machine
  2. Choose Manual Configuration
  3. Create New MDM Server for newly setup account (if you have already created it, please jump to Step 9)
  4. Setup MDM Server
  5. Confirm the MDM Server
  6. Skip “Sign in to the DEP
  7. Provide Your Company/School Information
  8. Generate a New Supervision Identity
  9. Show Only Some Steps for Setup
  10. Wait Unit the iPad is Fully Initiated
  11. On iPad, follow the following setup and note on the screen to install “Remote Management
  12. Wait until ESP icon is installed
  13. Tap ESP icon to open ESP and allow notification and location services