Organize Apps with App Labels

App label is a grouping of apps

With App labels, you can easily deploy Apps in folders upon device enrolment, and teachers can lock multiple apps in a folder

In Admin Console, go to “App” > “App Label …”

Create App Label

  1. Tab + Create New button
  2. Type a label name
  3. Select a type
    • Public” – Those apps are available to all teachers and TSSs
    • “Personal” – Those apps are for only 1 person, select a person in Belong To
    • Group” – Those apps are for a group of users, select a group in Belong To

Set Apps to App Label

  1. After creating an App Label, tap … Action button in the App Labels list
  2. Select Set Apps in the dropdown list
  3. Select the Apps you want to include
  4. Tap Confirm to save the setting