Push Apps onto iPads

In Admin Console, go to Devices > Device Management > Select the devices you want to push the apps to

Normal Install

  1. Go to “Device” > “Device Management”
  2. If just need to install on 1 single device, find the device row, tab … Actions button on the left
  3. Select “Apps” > “Install Apps” from the flyout menu
  4. Select the app(s) you want to install
  5. Tab “Confirm” button to proceed
  6. If you want to install on a group of devices, tab “Search” button on the top right corner
  7. Select a device label or multiple device labels, and tab “Search” button at the bottom
  8. The selected labels will be extracted in the list
  9. Tab Bulk Actions button, select “Apps” > “Install Apps” from the flyout menu
  10. Select all the devices you want, and the app(s) you want to install
  11. Tab “Confirm” button to proceed

VPP Install

Repeat the above steps, except Step 9 select “Apps” > “VPP Install” instead from the flyout menu